Serving Uganda, and the whole of East Africa with over 10 years of experience in website design, website development, and internet/digital marketing, LTV Multimedia specialises in responsive, mobile-friendly websites for all business needs.

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A Website is the Single Most Important Piece of Business Marketing

LTV Multimedia spcialises in responsive web design. We are an experienced team with the skills required for every project from design to development. With our tailor-made design processes, your website will showcase your business, products and services, be easy and intuitive to use and increase online search results. Because we work with your goals in mind, your online presence will reflect your business integrity and ideas, which gives your prospective customers an understanding and experience of who you are. We build engaging sites that best reflect your business and welcome your customers.

Responsive Website Design

The Design Process

User Interface (UI) Design
User Experience (UX) Design

We put a huge amount of thought and planning into making sure your customers have an amazing experience, while representing your business with a unique look and feel that fits your style, preference and target demographics. We begin with the home page and once that is approved, we mock up every other key page of the site to make sure each important detail will be accounted for. We have found this to be the most efficient way to avoid spending extra time and money during the coding and programming process that follow.

Front-End Website Development

We adhere to responsive, search engine friendly, industry standard compliant programming techniques. We code responsive, CSS-Based, designs for maximum scalability (giving the user the same great experience regardless of what device they choose to use).

Back-End Database Programming

We work primarily with PHP and MySQL for all of our back-end programming work, and generally all of our websites use PHP in some way, shape, or form. We are also extremely adept with using other programming languages for other platforms, such as Microsoft’s ASP and .NET platforms. We can code entire backend systems from scratch, or customise most existing open source applications that are based in PHP. Whether you need a custom CMS for your site, or intranet, a special piece of functionality or something custom, we have the experience programming similar.

Cross-Browser and Cross-Platform

Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Forefox

Ensuring your website looks great and works well on multiple browsers and platforms is just as important as ensuring it works across all devices. The websites we create a cross-browser and cross-platform compatible (Windows, Mac OS, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera). Our coding allows sites to load fast and display properly. We use cutting-edge techniques incorporating HTML5, XHTML, CSS, XML, AJAX, JAVASCRIPT, and PHP/MySQL.

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